About Us

Quality Medical Nursing Services Agency was established in November 2001 to provide quality professional nursing and home care to hospitals, aged care facilities and private homes throughout Sydney. During this time our staff has spent many hours’ hands on both in Facilities and private homes, caring for sick, injured and the aging population.

With a background in Nursing and this hands on experience, we have revealed the needs and wants of both the carer and those being cared for and so in June 2009 QMNS Mobility was launched.

Our Aim

QMNS Mobility’s aim is to provide the highest standard of products for nursing and personal care to all members of the community. "Your safety is our priority".

Our Objective

QMNS Mobility is committed to providing a team of dedicated professionals who have the necessary skills and experience to meet the full range of the community’s needs in nursing and personal care products.

QMNS Mobility’s objective is to provide an improvement in the quality of life of our customers, respectful of their rights and be responsive to their specific needs. QMNS Mobility’s aim is to become a valued part of the network that supports all members of the community.

Our Service

QMNS Mobility’s shop is open 5 days per week and we are available by appointment on the weekends. We can also organize delivery and installation of our products if necessary.

Our commitment as a team

Each staff member of QMNS Mobility is a part of a strong team of reliable and dedicated professionals.

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