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Our Walking Aids provide independence, security and safety to all. Our vast range of products offer greater comfort especially for those with weakness or arthritis in their hands.

The Rollators range comes equipped with ergonomic handles, loop level brakes, curved and padded backrest and seat to provide support and reduced pressure when seated. They comes also with vinyl bag or mesh basket to offer a convenient place to put belongings wihtout leaving them visible and open to the outside world. The rollators made of lightweight material and rust-resistant paint making it very easy to manoeuvre. It also folds up conveniently for easy storage and transportability.

Our Walkers are the perfect mix of stability and weightlessness. They have wide frames and are made of lightweight material making them easy to lift and manoeuvre. Our walkers have height adjustable legs to suit your specific height. Each has folding mechanisms that can easily be reached from a seated position and allow you to fold the walker up for easy storage or transportation.

Canes are the best companions when you need extra support due to injury, weakness, poor balance, during surgical recovery, or just for increased confidence when out and about. Our canes come in a variety of styles depending on the type of support you need. 


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